When an ex won’t give up and keeps coming back, what to do?

I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 months FOUR times already, yet he always comes back and won’t give up. Every time I take him back I feel things would be better this time, but it only does for a short amount of time and then it goes back to the back to the bad moments again and to the reasons why I had to break it off.

We are both from very different cultures and there are clashes that cannot be solved. He says there’s too much at stake to lose and he just keeps coming back especially this time round after I called it off. We broke off for many reasons from culture clashes, me being put off by his controlling side.

I feel like I’m done because of all the drama and tears that he has given me, but he says how no relationship is perfect and we can get through it.

He won’t give up. Why does he keep coming back? What should I do on the FIFTH time? Should I just be completely clear with him now?


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  • First, hope he is not a sociopath.
    Then, show him you are fine without him. find another boyfriend or something. Do not ask him to go away, show him all the benefits of being single.

    • Why shouldn’t I tell him to go away? That would be leading him on thinking he has a chance? Or is it to show his sincerity? Honestly I’m good without him and trying to get my life back on track again.

    • I mean verbally.
      Tell him you are ok using your actions and all the evidence. Let him figure it out by himself.
      Every time you verbalize it, he might think it is a game or something.

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  • Be upfront. Be assertive with him. State what you've stated here , that your it's not working. And that you're ending it for good. It's reasonable to say.

    Set boundaries, and take control of your life by refusing to allow him back. If you need to, cut all means of contact with him.. You're letting him cling onto false hope by keep taking him back. He'll think he can come and go as he pleases. People can only control you if you allow them to.

    It'll not work a fifth time , because he knows he doesn't need to change in order for you to take him back.


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  • Come with me we never brekup

  • Sounds like me lol. Me and ex been back and forth I left first but came right back. She was using and leaving for days trusted her more than anyone. I got controlling over the dope cause it was a treat to us not control issue but fear of loosing her to dumb shit. Wanted to make her stop by any means necessary. She ended up loosing respect for me now I think I lost her but her freedom was more important to me than my heart. Still love her a lot kill's me that u chased her off by trying to keep her safe. If you don't love him let him go. Hurts typing that cause I'm still in love don't want to here that. If you still love him maybe try again


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  • Just ditch him and show him that he can't treat you the way he wants to. Find someone else


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