Am I doing the right thing?

So my lover of 10 years has a natural curiousity for other men. Now I am the man in the relationship and she respects that my decision is law! I want to make it clear that this is her only flaw! She is a perfect woman aside from this 1 thing. So my question is... She likes texting and videoing with other men due to her curiousity, and she can sometimes spend a whole day on the phone! I set the rules within the limits I can handle. Rule 1. You can't do it when I'm not home.
Rule 2. You can do it when I'm sleeping if your within view.
Ruke 3. You can't discuss meeting up in person.
Rule 4. Include me anytime I have the urge to ask.

Now she understands that these rules are for our protection. She knows that the rules are to prevent me becoming jealous.
She has never broken one of my rules! She asks me every day if I want her to uninstall. Part of me says yes! But I always say no because she has insane hormones that no man can fully satisfy! Like 10 times a day lol.

So my question is... Am I doing the right thing by allowing her to be herself? With my rules it's not damaging the connection between us. But is this ok or not?
Am I doing the right thing?
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