How to talk to a female at a disco/bar/club?

I am 19 years old virgin never manned up to talk to a female how will I aprouch a female i tried drinking but a feel like shit and feel like I am pushing everyone away also I am big into redheads which is rare if I see one I am scared that they are already taken also if I do hang out with them what should I ask them also the music playing loud and I am not the best speaking English I mess up words with letter v in it I am not a good dancer so I can only bounce from one leg to another I would love to just get a chance to know what the other life in a relationship is I am still a student but have a part time job I love to spend time on a computer and read books I am a fan of rap music can speak 2 languages English and Russian also I like to write rap music nothings published yet but working on it for 6weeks now I am friends with technology and also old people as I work in an old peoples home as a part time I got 1 best fraind that I go to the clubs with but he is too shy like me I think that's why we hang around I can drive and also looking for new ways to make money so I think that's enough information about me to work with also I am going out in 22h from now so I need help thank you so much for your time
How to talk to a female at a disco/bar/club?


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  • im also bad talker with girls, like 80% girls i got in the clubs, i didn't even talk to
    i make the eye contact with the bitch and it becomes crystal clear what both of us want. after that its just the thing to have the balls and grab her
    i suggest you to try your luck in some club where there is no people who know you, so even if u fail/get rejected no one will know and you can try again anytime
    good luck dude

  • First of all in my experience it isn't weird to be 19 and be virgin some friends of mine are 20 and Virgin... ( Yes they are normal people some of them are also suprisingly popular and also go out a lot )
    I myself were 18 years old and losing it doesn't change a thing.

    I go out every Saturday and talking with women isn't difficult or scary the only thing you Will need is the guts to Just talk to someone.
    Don't pick the first hot girl you see but Just have fun untill some girl with a Nice smile comes by or something like that rejection doesn't happen very quick and you can always have a Nice chat with almost everybody

    • But I don't know what to chat about

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    • I like the 2ed one as I don't really now any shops

    • Thank you

  • Where do you live that has disco bars?

    • It's disco or bars or clubs it has a /

    • Okay I will rephrase it where do you live that has a disco joint? Where do you live that has a venue that caters to disco?

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