My boyfriend is disappointed and disgusted with how I acted the other night when I was drunk, and I am really not sure how to handle the situation?

The other night my friends wanted to go out and party and ended up going to my boyfriend house because of his roommates party.
Anyways, we ended up at his place that night and it was going well and was a lot of fun. But I was progressively getting more drunk. The past couple of times I have gotten drunk around him I lashed out angrily and sometimes violently. I cannot tell you why I act this way when I am very drunk since I am the complete opposite when sober.
That night some things happened, but I will say that they started the snowball effect of my rage that night, but I am fine about them now sober. I ended up getting angry and apparently I was yelling and crying but I don't remember much. I really love my boyfriend very much, but I haven't been very happy in the relationship recently. I am crying almost every night for the past couple of weeks because sometimes he just won't see me for a week saying he is busy with his business and he'll take up work from his old job that had to do with night clubs and such. It didn't bother me before but it bothered me recently because he went out and was partying while on the job and not "working on his buisness" like he had been saying. Regardless I have felt very ignored in the relationship recently and have been begging for his attention. All i'll usually get is a 20 min talk on the phone at night and thats pretty much it. And once a week I'll go over to his house and he'll work for half of our time together.
But apparently I said some pretty nasty things, which was never my intention. I cannot remember everything that was said, and he won't tell me. During our phone call today he stated that he was disgusted and turned off from the whole experience. He also said he wants to be alone and not talk to me for a couple of days and have us both think. But he stated clearly that he did not want to break up. I am just not sure where to go from here, I am very anxious not being able to fix the problem, what should I do?


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  • First of all, you should not drink. You have anger issues and drinking brings them out, and you do damage when you're drunk.

    Leave him alone and give him some space. Let him come to you.

    • Yes I am going to start limiting to low amounts and tracking my intake and seeing what I can take. I have actually been a fun and function drunk before. I just wouldn't become belligerent. I live in a place where there are parties all the time and thats where connections are made. But yes I have been leaving him alone. Thank you.

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  • Best thing you can do is give him some space, I know that's hard. If you behaved that way when intoxicated you must be feeling upset about the status of your relationship, so best to discuss that once the dust settles. Best of luck to you

    • Yes that makes plenty of sense, I know it is because I bottle things up and let shit come out when drunk. Which is what I have always done. I need to start limiting myself. he actually reached out a bit earlier then I thought he would. But I will keep giving him more space unless he asks to speak or see me. Thank you.

    • You're very welcome. Many of us have made this mistake so don't beat yourself up, just give it some time :)

    • Thanks for the MHO :)

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  • 1st things 1st Watch what you drink because you're an angry drunk and it no fun to Be around.

  • Sounds like you got daddy issues, or you subconsciously don't like him. Or, he's lying

    • Haha I would totally say daddy issues but he was actually a pretty good guy for the most part. But I'll look into the other stuff. I know we must like each other somewhat because we fix stuff every time and I can just tell. But i see where you're coming from.

  • Give him some space


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