Should I believe that my boyfriend love me?

My boyfriend and his ex were having sex and sleep together every weekend but he hide it from me and he said that he will go to his friend house and hate his ex.
But when i talked to his ex, she said that she really hate me because after sex or when they are together, my boyfriend always say like how much he adores me etc


Most Helpful Guy

  • No he doesn't. He doesn't respect you either.

    If YOU loved and respected somebody, would you regularly cheat on them? Of course not, because you don't do that to people you care about.

    Dump his scumbag ass.


Most Helpful Girl

  • He doesn’t love you. If someone loved you, they wouldn’t cheat on you, and they certainly wouldn’t do it more than once. You don’t hurt someone like that if you love them, or even respect them.


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