Should I stay or move on?

I’ve been dating this guy for a little over two years and we get along very well and have built a strong relationship but he’s gone down a road of drugs and alcohol thanks to his dip shit friends. I have tried to talk him out of it but he get defensive and tells me I need to get out and have fun. My plan is to move in the summer
for college and he planned to go with me. Im starting to second guess our relationship but it also feels wrong to leave someone Just because they aren’t making good decisions. What would your do? Stay and continue plans or leave and find someone serious about their future?


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  • The fact that you are considering your options tells me that it's best to move forward! If you get stuck in a rutt because of his behavior, it could affect your dreams and you could end up living the rest of your life regretting it! He either needs to get his shit straight and set some goals or move on. Sorry if that was blunt! Take it from someone who stayed.

    • This helped a lot thank you so much! I think you’re definitely right

    • Thank you! Good luck :)

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  • Tell him, "Either these drugs or me", if he chooses drugs then he doesn't deserve you. Also, consider what he is going through. Maybe he wants you, but doesn't know how to resist the drugs. BEST OF LUCK!


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  • id just give him a ultimatum and stick to it say u either continue on the path ur on and i leave u forever or u stop and go back to who u use to be and stay with me and give like a day to think about it

  • Yeah, most HS relationships don't survive the first year of college. It's not a bad thing, both of you will have your horizons expanded and will meet new people.


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