She sent me a video of WHAT?

I met this girl on Xbox today. She was nice and we started talking, so I jokingly said "let me slide in them d. ms". Surprisingly she accually sent me he really snap chat! Wow. I talked to her on snap chat and it was going well until she sent a video of this guy jumping off of a bridge. I was scared asf until the guy in the video got up and brushed himself off. She then said "want to see something worse?". I wanted to sound manly so I said okay. She sent me a video of a man jumping off a building and bleeding to death... it was really close up so I definitely got a good look, and yes, it was real. I was kind of angry and said "but... WHY?" "WHY WOULD YOU SEND THAT TO ME?". She quickly left and I never heard from her the rest of the day.

Can I please have some opinions on what I should do?


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  • You can't really do anything now. My guess is that she did that to try to disturb you on purpose, i would just forget about it as it's not that big of a deal


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