Is this post too showy?

I wanted to post this on Instagram but I want to know if it’s too showy. I have a girlfriend, I’m not trying to get girls to comment about me, I just think I look good in the picture. I wouldn’t ever cheat on my girlfriend or want other girls’ attention. So is this too much for Instagram?Is this post too showy?


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  • Be comfortable showing as much or as little as you like. Don't worry about what others think.
    Post within the guidelines of the T/C's

    • I was just asking because my girlfriend thought the post was too showy for Instagram. I'm comfy with posting it though

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  • So what is this
    Your girlfriend does the same thing and now you too

    Like are you guys afraid to post pictures on insta of yourselves
    Lol or are you bot afraid the other will get more attention

    If the latter your girlfriend will get more attention. Her picture was way hotter lol haha guys are guna eat her up
    But u they won't look twice really
    Sorry man lol

    Takes a lot of work for a dude to have a hot bod

    • Better to have an obvious truth than a well thought out lie, im not even mad. I have a nice face from what I've been told, but you're right about working out.

      Anyways it's not much of an attention thing; she just doesn't want a picture of me shirtless on Instagram so I just came on here to let her know and get opinions to show her that no one would care.

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    • yea for sure... no doubt
      her was like her body just showin all her curves n stuff... her juicy stuff...
      she was in this sexy seductive pose like when on top of a guy while riding cowgirl

      you its just you in the water from far, not even noticable... her it was a close uo you can see it all
      so ya lol.. for sure hers was worse

    • 😂 what you had to say about me was hilarious. I'll probably bring this up to my girlfriend. Thanks for the input man

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