Does Tinder or any other dating app really work?

Im curious to know if Dating Apps like Tinder really work, and by work i mean finding a relationship, finding a GF/BF (whatever floats your boat) and just hooking up. I got a friend who has been trying to get me to download tinder on my phone, he's showed a few pics of a few "hook ups" he had and he tells me you just gotta wait for a match or something and boom you got a date or whatever.
Seems to desprite to me to have to use a dating app to socalize with woman, but i just wanna know if tinder is good for just trying to get girls who are friends and who could be a potential girlfriend in the future?


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  • As much as I hate Tinder, it's the one I end up returning to simply because of the volume of users.

    Online dating is a numbers game. You just keep trying and meeting new people until you find someone you click with.

    I've had 2 dates turn into long friendships even though the relationships didn't work out.

    I met my current boyfriend on Tinder. He told me he wasn't expecting to meet anyone and had been using Tinder just for hookups, but despite that we met and clicked and he realised on our first date that he really actually liked me.

    I've met lots of men who aren't looking for hookups and weren't interested in sex in the first date.

    I've had a few purposeful hookups as well.

    You just keep your head up and eyes open and wits about you. Be smart.

    I'd say I meet someone I really like every 3 months or so. Sometimes I drain the barrel of available men, because I swipe left on about 90% of them, and I take a break for a couple of weeks until some new men come along.


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  • It works. But the online thing is for creeps and weird people in my opinion. I perfer meeting women in person.


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  • hi, im a bit more old skool being older but i would say if you were going to use any sites for real dating with the hope of a potential relationship sites that actually charge fees and confirm profiles of people would be the only ones i would bother with unless its just a hook up xx

  • OkCupid works really well I think


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  • Only if you are an extremely attractive guy or a woman.


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