Reason Enough To Dump Him?

I'll preface this by saying I question every emotion I have because I'm bipolar and know many things I feel are irrational. That being said, please don't scoff and tell me something is obvious because many times I'm unsure, which is why I ask.

I've been seeing a guy for almost 5 months. I really like him and when we're together, everything feels perfect. He treats me well, showers me with attention and affection, holds me constantly, etc.

However, in the five months we've been together, he's never taken me on a date, even though I've said I'd accept a $1.50 hot dog from Costco and a walk at the beach- I don't need anything expensive. I got him a thoughtful gift for Christmas and he didn't even so much as get me a card (honest to god, all I wanted was a card with something nice written in it and he didn't even do that). He rarely replies to texts, even though in person he's way more talkative than I am, and it's nearly impossible to get to spend time with him unless he feels like it and asks me (if I text asking if we can get together or go out, he'll leave me on read or say no most of the time). I know this will make people think I'm an idiot but I've also found hair ties and bobby pins in his bedroom, which he blamed on his male housemate.

As I said, when we're together, it's all perfect. Like if it carried on that way for long enough, he'd be the type I'd want to marry eventually, but if I'm not in front of his face it's hard to feel like I even exist.

Is it fair to feel like ending it would be better for me than holding out and hoping it'll get better? It's been five months (almost) so I don't know how much longer I need to wait for him to want to commit more.
Reason Enough To Dump Him?
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