My boyfriend is a lot more distant?

My boyfriend of over 2yrs just doesn't want to be around me as much, like we will make plans to do something and then right before we are meant to do it he will always cancel. But the times when i can spend time with him its just as good being with him as ever for both of us i dont understand?


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  • Do you call him 24/7 just to check what he is doing? Are you being too possessive? If so then you will lose him and if not then just leave him alone for sometime cuz he dont appreciate your true love untill you are with him but he will soon realise it when you are gone.

    • Well no i never call him we do text a little bit through the day but nothing overboard its just he can never come over mine for some lame excuse or i can't come over to his place for some lame excuse, but then when we actually do get together its like he couldn't be happier to see me. And everytime i bring up that he doesn't want to be around me he says its because he's depressed and i shouldn't have to deal with him or something. But to me i would think you would want your trusted girlfriend if you were feeling depressed right?

    • All are not the same, some people like to share their problems with their girlfriend and some dont, you should insist him to tell you exactly whats going on in his mind and if he doesn't want to share then just leave him for sometime may be a week or a month on his own and dont text or reply to his text, if he truly loves you then his problem will look much smaller to him then being apart from you and then he will share everything with you.

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  • If it happened suddenly then I think there's only three things that could have happened 1 he's not interested as much anymore 2 there was someone else fleetingly 3 something huge happened in his life you don't know about

    • Unfortunately i believe its number one i think he is just losing interest in me, but i dont know how to try to fix it because i want nothing more than to stay with him

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    • I've wanted to leave him but i dont know how to, he's my first boyfriend and im his first girlfriend so i knew we probably wouldn't last but still i love him to absolute pieces, i have never had the guts to cut anyone from my life before how do i do it to the one i love the most

    • It's always hard but you're both already suffering and the longer this goes on the more you guys will suffer

  • When people become distant there's always an underlying reason why. He may have things on his mind , or have things going on in his life that you're unaware of.

    Talk to him. Try to encourage him to open up. Tell him your concerns. He may not even realize he's being distant towards you.

    It's frustrating when someone you care about becomes distant. But make him aware of how it's making you feel. Let him know you've noticed him being distant.

    Communicating with each other will prevent any assumptions or misunderstandings. It's easy to become paranoid when your partner doesn't want to spend as much time with you, but it may not have anything to do with your relationship with him. It could be something else. You'll only know if you talk to him about it


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