Is it best to love someone or to be compatible?

I really like this girl but I'm a conservative and she's a liberal. I feel overarchingly we'll clash and it may be a waste of time. At the same time, something in my heart says that I like her a lot. Should I leave this opportunity? I'd never seen a girl like her and don't think I ever will but why focus on a relationship that may be a waste of time or deemed to fail?



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  • If you really do like her, I don't think the time you'll spend to be with her and to get to know her would be called a waste of time. You shouldn't waste such opportunity to try to be with her if you are genuine about your feelings :) Just try to get her to respect the way you are conservative, and also respect how she is more on the liberal side. There can be lots you can learn from each other as well! We never know if it works out or not, but if it doesn't at least you know which types of girls to go for, right?

  • People clash over many things. Like the upcoming communist revolution


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