Is it worth perusing? Please help a girl out :(?

Background info: I've been dating this 18 year old guy for a few months now. On the first date we hit it off. That was the only date we've had & it's been about 3 months already. We live about 15-20 mins away from each other. I've tried to arrange a second date with him due he has a few times but something always arises, he's either working, busy spending time with his family, hanging out with his boys & one time his mum was taken to hospital which I can totally understand, I've pulled out once.

Problem: We have a streak of more than 70 days on snapchat & he's messaged me a few times saying how much he misses me & I've done the same too. On the first date at the movies he became really physically & verbally affectionate & all & even said 'I love you'. Whenever we call each other, he'll continue to say it & I'll say it back because my God I'm already heads over heels for him. On the first night we started messaging on Facebook, he started flirting with me & it was noticeable with his name calling & emojis. I specifically asked him if he was stringing me along & he answered no to which I replied that I wouldn't stand for it. He said that he liked the way I was holding myself when talking to him and being straight up.

Now I feel like I'm holding him back or he's not that invested. Since Christmas eve I've had this gut feeling that he's just not interested anymore & it's gotten to the point where now at night I can't even sleep because he's always on my mind.

I know that yesterday he was out with his mates in the city since he sent a snap to me & I saw exactly what he wore. Today when I was out at the shops, I saw him in a sports/shoes store wearing the same clothes on his sc with his tote bag looking at a phone the girl next to him was showing. I walked off cos I didn't want him to see me.

I feel crushed right now but I don't want to be making a big deal out of something that might not exist.
How should I handle this?


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  • Dont persure he's wasting your're time.


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