What should I wear on this get together/date?

I put the slash between get together and date because I don't know what this is or what I got myself into. Long story short, he added me on facebook and we talked for a while before he gave me his number.

I don't think he's a psycho and he lives in my area, goes to the college located in my area, and all of that stuff lol. We've been talking for about a month and he's eager to meet me and we decided to hang out this Saturday. I mean I'm not that attracted to him and we don't have the most upbeat conversations but I don't really want to give up on him yet.

Anyways I'm nervous because we only talked online through text and on the phone and because what if he's a psycho? Hmm I don't think he is, I hope he isn't but what ever the case may be, I don't know what to wear. Definitely not a dress but any tips on what I should wear?


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  • what are you guys going to do?

    I would suggest jeans, flats, and a cute t shirt