Ladies, me vs. "Men"?

A typical male:
He is the guy who wants to date the "bombshell", the "Playboy bunny", the cheerleader. The kind of woman who is super skinny/slim but has a nice big/round butt, and perfect shaped DD's. Has her hair all done up, flawless looking skin, makeup all the time.

I on the other hand want to date a lady who is slender, tall maybe, has small A cup boobs, looks like the girl next door or a nerd girl, doesn't wear much makeup if at all.

My question is really about if I tell people/women that I want to date a woman who is "tall and skinny" and maybe mention the small boobs, will most women think I am like all the other men out there in the world who will only date hot women?

What is another way to describe the type of women I am physically attracted to and not appear shallow?Ladies, me vs. "Men"??Ladies, me vs. "Men"??


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  • You’re assuming you’re the only man who has a preference towards a particular physical form, when quite simply you’re not even in a minority

    • I realize I am not alone in liking my type of woman. But how do I not sound like a typical guy who only wants to date models?

    • There is no “typical guy” though... adult women are aware that men like a variety of things. If you’re approaching the ones you like and complimenting their appearance genuinely then you don’t need to say what your type is

    • What if I am talking to a cowotker? And they ask about my type?

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  • You have a strong preference like all other men. All men are shallow. So are you.

  • What about telling what you just wrote? I think it's the best way to describe the type of woman you want to date.
    And everyone is shallow. I guess there's no way of not sounding shallow.

  • So you're into tall/skinny girls. AKA supermodels ot dancers. That's about as unique as me saying I find tall muscular men attractive.

  • You like the plain janes, that shouldn't be too difficult to find 😊

  • Everyone's shallow and you aren't even a minority when it comes to preferences. Why do you think VS models are so popular, despite being "tall and skinny"?

    • But they aren't A cups... are they?

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    • I see what you are saying now. But they always look like models. And I am saying I don't mind a lady with some redness or acne on her face.

    • Just say "girl next door" if you wish, but you can avoid such questions. In real life I have never been asked what type of guys I'm attracted to. 😶

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