What should I do?

So I have someone I have a crush on but I think they friendzoned me like everyone else but this time I like them mote than the other times. Please help me know what to do.


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  • Trust me and let it go if you can. . i'm in the same position myself and i know its not at all easy to let go but deep inside you know that you will get nothing out of it and letting go is the only option. Or the last option that i am doing right now is stop expecting anything from that person. If you can't let go off the feelings then just stop expecting. See it as your problem and deal with it. Dont put it on her. at least this is what i am doing.
    Best of luck.


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  • Invite her over, go into your bedroom and walk out completely naked. If she leaves she don't like you haha jk. Just tell her. She will let you know how she feels. Don't waste your time trying to figure it out.

  • Leave them once u go in u never come out of it. I wasted 6 months hoping she would reconsider but no.

  • Tell her

    • I want to but I get really bad anxiety.

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    • About 10 hours past but I don't care I've been up all night

    • Oh ok

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