Girls, what if your lover beats you in armwrestling?

The other night me and this girl i like armwrestled and she beat me.

Could it be that she got less atracted to me?

We know each other for some months now and we like each other sexually and we have a great connection, but i think maybe this changed her oppinion about me.


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  • I think you might be over analyzing things. She's probably just proud she beat you and will forget about it in a month.

  • I hope that she wouldn't have changed her mind over something so trivial. But sadly some girls like very specific type of guys and they have high standards.. So onlt time can tell. But likely if I was already into you and you losing the arm wrestle wouldn't effect how I felt. But that's my opinion.

    • Thanks for your answer. But before she said she felt save in my arms.. I didn't see her in a week because she went to her Home country to celebrate the hollidays. Maybe she feels different now. Or maybe im just over thinking

    • I mean it is nice to know a guy can protect you but a real women can handle herself

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