Is there anyone else who never wants to get married?

I'm a very successful, self made woman. I don't sleep around and I love a monogamous relationship. But, I never want to get married. I was married once for 5 years. He had no concept of saving money. I came home one day and there was a $60,000 truck sitting in the driveway paid for with MY money. That was the end of that. Thankfully, the only thing he got in the settlement was that truck as he signed a pre-nup. After that, I vowed never to get married again. My goal is to retire when I turn 55. I have worked hard and invested wisely. I have not found a man who does likewise and is interested in me. I have had four 2-3 year long monogamous relationships since then. I tell them up front that I'm never going to get married but sure as hell after a few years of "I love you" they have always proposed. I like having my own place and them having theirs. I like to have MY own place to decorate how I wish and I love having "me time". But, I love spending weekends at each other's place and taking vacations together. Why is so much emphasis placed on a piece of paper? I've been with my current boyfriend for 2 years. I love him but I'm praying he doesn't pop the question. Am I wrong?
Is there anyone else who never wants to get married?
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