Are young bald guys attractive, or should a young balding guy wear a hairpiece?

If a guy is young and balding, what should do to maximize his chances with girls his age, shave it completely bald or start wearing a hairpiece?
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  • Why would the guy ever have to care about what others think, one way or another? It's his head, he should do whatever he's more comfortable with.

    • Ehm, its very important what the women a guy is attracted to think about him, since obviously he's trying to win them over. So its in his best interest to use whichever approach that maximizes his chances

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    • The thing is people have different priorities at different ages. If you're 21 and at university, people are mostly looking to meet new people and have fun. So almost everyone is shallow.
      Commitment and relationships come later, thats why if I went bald at 40, I probably wouldn't care.
      And even if I wore a hairpiece and tricked a girl into liking me, I could never sustain a long term relationship with her if I knew she wasn't attracted to bald guys. But I would much rather have some fun with her a week, 2 weeks, 1 month you name it, and then break up with her before she breaks up with me, and move on to the next girl. Rather than being rejected on first glance and walking home and feeling ugly and worthless

    • Then by all means, go for it.

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  • Depending on the shape of your skull... one can still be handsome being completely bald. In general I'd suggest you to shave it completely coz wearing a hairpiece is weird to me, and you'll have to take it off at the end of the day

    • What if he has a rather lumpy skull?

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