I feel so guilty?

My sister of 31... is depressed.. i haven't spoken to her in 3 years... last time i went to her door in oktober and i said i can help if she wants too... she got angry and said no 3 times... i really miss my sister man... people kinda. broke us up and i feel bad about it... i have been pushing other friends away cause i miss her too much i feel like why am i spending time with them when i can have my sister?


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  • You should have stayed there even when she said no. And said its my responsibility to help u coz ur my sis. Depressed people's self esteem is usually shattered so u need to be with them

    • she was really angry tho

    • Its just a defensive behaviour to prevent people from hurting you and staying away from u

  • Have a dispute with a brother or sister can greatly affect ur life
    It's is better to solve the problem fast
    I would be able to help better if u told me the reason for the dispute
    If possible try to give her some gifts it something helps

    • it did ruin my life... i was angry for three years but i was very very angry at her... now i regret it cause the anger... killed my happines... i want to resolve it she doesn't.. she even cut herself out of my photos...

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    • there s no reason

    • How can u be angry for no reason
      If it something personal just give a hint about it

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