What do girls mean when they tell each other that they "deserve someone better"?

It sounds suspiciously like sexual/romantic entitlement to me. Nobody "deserves" to be with anyone, no matter who they are. It's always a completely optional bonus, and shouldn't be taken for granted.

And yeah, I know, men can also be shitty.


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  • Uhh there are people unworthy of others. Especially , if the guy or girl is a prick or a cunt.

    • Yeah, but so is everyone. Everyone is an asshole at least sometimes and nobody ever deserves sex/a relationship as some kind of reward.

    • I think you're twisting the word deserve. It's just saying to move on from the wrong person

  • I don't think saying they "deserve someone better" applies only to girls. Men also deserve someone better sometimes.

    Usually when we say that, it doesn't mean that the guy in question was a shitty person but that the way he was treating her was. Deserving someone better is deserving respect and someone who sees you as you are. It also means that the 2 were most likely incompatible and that she deserves someone that is.

    • They could just say that then?

    • Well
      "You deserve better" is simpler and really just means "don't sweat it, that person wasn't for you, you'll find someone more suited for you soon".

  • that is what guy tells me afterwards when he knows I am into him after meeting them online then dated in person.. I find that they were doing shady things behind my back when they tell me this shitty phrase of a promiscuous man..


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