If women end up with a "Nice Guy", it's not because they've matured, but because they run of the "Don Juan".

Women don't mature and fall for the "Nice Guy". If they end up with a "Nice Guy", it's just because they run out of the "Don Juans". Agree?

In high school, you thought women would ‘mature’ and stop liking the jocks or jerks. In college, you thought women would mature and dislike the frat boys, sports guys, and start to be attracted to Nice Guy. In your thirties, you thought that women were FINALLY wisening up. No, women didn’t mature; they just ran out of don juans. No matter what her age or relationship status, a woman will look at those guys and LUST. Women indefinitely remain women.

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  • In high school and in college, I was never attracted to jocks/sports guys. I thought frat boys were loud and obnoxious. I would never date a guy who was a jerk---people who treat me poorly or treat other people poorly disgust me. Ever since I was young, I've preferred nice guys, shy guys, and geeky guys. If I initially like a guy, but get to know him better and find out he's a jerk, he immediately becomes less attractive to me. I like that all the guys I've dated have been sweet and thoughtful, intelligent, and I've never had to "watch the game" with a boyfriend.

    I can assure you I'm not the only girl out there that feels this way. Maybe you're just attracted to the wrong type of girls, or maybe you're feeling bitter because girls tend not to be interested and you, and you assume it's because you're "too nice", but it could be for a different reason.

    • I haven't wirtten this. It's a quote in a book, I've read.

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    • Also consider that a lot of guys are "nice" because they need to make up for the fact that they're less attractive or lacking in some other area and their niceness doesn't change the fact that most girls don't find them attractive --- in the same way lot of guys who are jerks can get away with it because they're attractive and so stupid girls will like them despite the fact that they aren't good people. I'm not saying it's right, but I think a lot of "nice guys" would probably end up being jerks

    • If they had girls throwing themselves on them all the time.

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  • Believe it or not, nice guys ARE actually appealing to some of us women.

    Shocking, I know.

    Seeing all these questions about how the nice guys always finish last is getting a bit irritating.

  • maybe it's the type of woman you are after. I never liked the Don Juans. Thought they were too full of them selves. I did go for the nice guy and am happy I did.

  • i've never liked the Don Juan type. they seem far too up themselves. a beatuiful soul, intelligence and kind heart are far more attractive to me than a ripped body who has nothing between their ears.

  • women do end up with nice guys. you come off like you're bitter. there are women happily married to and in serious relationships with men that are honest, upstanding and treat them right.

    if you mean "Nice Guy" as in sappy, wimp who is unmasculine, unattractive, awkward, too shy/insecure and can't take control of his life and sits around waiting for others' approval, is desperate to be liked then yeah women might have to settle to date a man like that. I wouldn't be attracted to a guy like that no matter how "nice" he is. sorry. but not every woman is solely into jocks and jerks. that's not true.

    lemme give you some insight. "Jerks"/popular guys/athletic men are popular with women because they are (A) masculine (B) usually good looking and in style (C) not outwardly insecure or dorky (D) confident and dominant. THIS IS WHAT MAJORITY OF WOMEN RESPOND TO AND ARE ATTRACTED TO! we can't help it! but there are also men who are not jerks/frat boys/jocks who embody these traits too and guess what they are successful with women too!

  • I think you're right, there's just something incredebbly sexy about athlets and frat guys that nice guys don't have.

    But ,most women tried it at some point, many of those 'don juans' are not capable of having a healthy relationship. Just because we find them attractive doesn't mean we want to be in a relationship with them.You'll probably find strippers sexy too, but that doesn't mean you wanna date them, right?

    • So, you like how they look, but assume: Because they look good they aren't capable of being in a relationship? What's the ideal type for you: The look of athlets but with the personality of a "nice guy"?

    • No I don't mean that good looking guys can't have a relationship, when you look at those guys you'll see that they are all decent looking but mostly not overly attrative, it's their attitude that makes them so sexy.

      And yes, that would sound like a good guy. I think most girls want a guy that looks like a bad boy and behaves like a bad boy to everyone but us.I'm not sure how realistic that this and I can only talk for me but that would be awesome

    • Well, not one who behaves like a total jerk just a bit jerky

  • When you answer me why guys go for plainer easier girls I'll answer why girls like d***heads


What Guys Said 4

  • Sooooooo...what you're saying is that women settle?

    Dude...you are gonna get so flamed for this one.

    It's a simple fact. Women mature faster than men. Yes dude...they grow up.

    Let me let you in on something you just don't seem to get.

    What you are describing is most guys. Women come at life from an angle you may not ever understand. A woman does not see a man as sexy for the same reasons a man sees a woman as sexy.

    When you ask most women why they think their husband/boyfriend is sexy, most of the answers are not going to have a thing to do with what he looks like...and if you don't believe me...just ask the women. It's a fact.

    Women look at the world with the eye of emotion. It's what we do, and how we treat them that matters more.

    Guys aren't raised that way. It's something we can grow to understand, but that requires an open mind.

    Give it 20 years then look back on this question. You are going to end up trying to figure out how you could have been so naive. Don't stress...most guys think the same way at your age.

    Jeeze, if I had a site like this when I was in my early 20's I doubt I would have believed some of the things I now know to be true either. Doesn't change the facts any.

  • I agree that there is a somewhat large group of women who follow this. Though, I disagree it's that they've run out of Don Juans, but because they're aging and losing their beauty.

    However, I disagreed with this because you're making it sound as though ALL women are like this, and even someone as cynical as me can't agree with that. A lot of women are stupid and shallow just as a lot of men are, possibly as much as to say the majority of women would follow this, but all women? Nah.

  • Sorry Dude. You're way off base. You want the girl? Quit whining like a girl and grow some testicles. Girls whine. Men don't. Girls like MEN.

    You can be a nice MAN. Trust me.

    But as long as you're a girl with a penis, all you'll get are friends.

  • hey all I can tell you is that the biggest myth of all is that women like funny girls. If you like a girl, don't make her laugh for god sake, the moment she laughs is the moment your in the friend zone.

    • You mean funny GUYS?

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    • Don't listen to countygirl she wants to be your friend...

    • It's how you make her laugh that puts you in the friends zone.

      Being funny doesn't mean becoming a comedian. It means being able to take the world, and life in general for what it should be. Fun.

      I don't know what it is you're doing.....but I have never ended up in the friends zone just for making a woman laugh. Of course....with all the years of experience you have.....how could I know what I'm talking about?