How do I respond to this? What do I do?

So for some months I've been seeing this guy ( may or may not matter but I’m 18 and he’s just turned 26) and after the first time we hooked up recently he said he wanted to be serious with me, and asked what I wanted from him. I agreed with him and we said we’d be together and build something from there. Recently we got into a few arguments over trivial things. But then last week, after we came back from our last argument, he said he wasn’t ready for a relationship. Then tried the whole “oh but we’re still kind of together” and I cut it short and told him either we’re doing this or we’re not. He also couldn’t tell me what exactly he wasn’t ready for in the relationship we’d already started... so I’m assuming it’s commitment. But he said to give him some time and we’ll be together. Since, I’ve been trying to fall back from him because I feel led on but he’s still expecting the girlfriend treatment while not being with me anymore. Apparently we’re “talking”... My issue is that I’ve been through this and the first time I agreed and he was getting the whole girlfriend treatment just for me to figure out with the way he was that he was using me for sex and money. I don’t want the same thing to happen as well as I know not everyone is the same. I just want to know what exactly to do here. And if me distancing myself is just better so my feelings don’t get hurt.
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So someone said at this point, I should give an ultimatum and not settle for anything less than what IM ready for if he can think of himself here I should as well.
How do I respond to this? What do I do?
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