She invited me around her house, and nothing happened?

So me and this girl have been speaking for a few weeks and we would facetime for around 6 hours at a time, have a great chat and dirty talks and really personal things..

(as u know ;)) so I decided to make a move and asked her to make a motive with me - to watch a movie together, whether she wanted to go cinema or my house. (I didn't mind nor press any decision). So she said 'lets go your house'.

On the day, she woke up bare late and asked if I could come around hers. I went there and nothing happened at all.. She wasn't awkward, but I felt that there was some disconnection. She was always on her phone, and wouldn't start any conversations or even flirt. The only thing was every time she stood up, she stroked her ass as if I was looking (loll i was aha) but it was so dead..

I got very angry when I left because it seemed to me that she talked all this dirty for absolutely no reason.. I am not a silly guy, please don't criticise but instead open me a point of view I must be missing..

Why did this happen?
What can I do so it won't happen again?

Im clearly misunderstanding this situation.


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  • It sounds like you didn't initiate anything. Or she's power tripping because she knows what you want and teasing you with it is fun.

    • I don't think I did, at the beginning when we sat together, I tried to make as much physical contact without it being obvious as possible, until she moved to her cat opposite me for some reason and stayed there the whole night.

    • By this I tried to make physical contact comfortable for her because we never really met up like that before, thought she didn't seem awkward or show any reaction towards it

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