He’s close with his ex girlfriend?

So the guy I’m dating now basically broke up with his ex girlfriend for me and I know he doesn’t have feelings for her so he’s not who I’m worried about.
She gives him rides home afterschool and she was at his house recently (not alone) because of family problems and he tells me it’s because she has no other friends.
I feel like she’s still not over him and I told him that and he said she’s starting to and that I don’t have to worry because he’ll never let anything happen. She hasn’t had any time to heal and I feel like she’s feeding her needs.
Im jealous of how close they are.
They were eachothers first time and first love and I can’t help but think she’ll get in the way eventually, I’ve talked to him about it and he just tells me the same thing not to worry and that I knew what I signed up for which is true cuz he told me from the beginning. He says he goes with his gut and what he feels is right so he’s a good guy but it just hurts.
I love him so much and when they hang out together it makes me sick to my stomach I don’t know how to stop feeling this way, what should I do?


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  • Set her up with someone. You must know a single guy you can introduce to her.

  • So you started seeing him when he was dating this girl?

    • Well no but it was kinda right after

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    • Oh yeah I wasn’t talking about confronting her just like posting about him and she’ll see and know but thank you so much! I plan to hang with him this week :)

  • They are still doing it.

    • There not alone in the house his grandparents are there and she doesn’t drive yet so her cousin which is a guy drives them because he doesn’t wanna walk an hour to go home

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