I wanna see him again, but he never texts back?

I know dis guy 2 years, don't know how we started contact, we texted sometimes and started also chatting on msn. Normal stuff and that kinda stuff that's bit naughtier. I wrote him d occasional text and sometimes got replies, sometimes not and then next time he said "Oh I should have texted back". I liked him a bit.

Lately we arranged a spontaneous meeting after I was and out with friends and he was out too and our first meeting turned out better than expected. I would like 2 c him again and asked him bout his plans for the following weekend, never got a reply. I don't know what 2 do. A friend told me 2 4get him and delete his number. Most people say to try once more

I know some say let d guy do d chasing, but I'm not sure whether I'd b waiting forever if I did. My mum said nowadays not only the guy can do chasing. But I don't wanna appear be pushy too.The evening back then I first though we meet up and then go separate ways, I initially though, OK he is nice but within this few hours it totally changed. We changed locations (he paid taxi not that he'd had to, I just had no change in my pocket only a big note) and some other things he did, like taking my hand on a walk would he have done them if he didn't think I was worth it? He mustn't have felt so bad about me after all. Maybe I was too nervous and too idle. I hope it wasn't...Can;t make things undone but if I could I would have done things different for sure.

Any advice? Should I give up and try one more time?

Normally I am not easy falling for guys, most I just like as in nice but not more than possible friendship and once I like someone more than just "nice" he doesn't get back to me.

Any ideas?


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  • Are you saying you met online? To be honest he seems like the guy if he wanted you he would get in touch. its possible that he already has a girlfriend since he sometimes doesn't text back.I really don't think you should text him or call him at all. forget him, don't delete his number and if he ever calls or texts then you can respond, but don't be the one to make the move because no matter what people tell you, you will grow smaller in his eyes if you do. He doesn't sound like he's worth it. My advise is find someone else in the mean time:)

    • We first met online yes. and that now was the first real meeting, just didnlt happen b4. Don't know if he has a girlfriend, never seen any sign...ok not every guy is honest unfortunately.

      I knwo what you mean, but what if he is just lazy replyin, if he next time answers: "Oh yeh I should have replied your text".

      Forgetting him is another problem. It is also hard for me to find someone else since most guys I just like...like as in nice, but rather a nicebut-can't-imagine-more-than-friendship way )-:

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    • I thought it's an easy way 2 get closer and I found it a nice way. I mean he could 've pulled all d strings if he wanted just "that one thing" and given me more clear indications that he wanted so...Not that I would've gone that far anyway 4 a first meeting...not even 4 a second meetin, that's just nice to be kept till last. He didn't. I just meant now 2 meet again and wait-n-see-what-happens way and how we get on. Nothing to definate, just another meeting for a drink or so with no strings attached

    • I reckon I will give up now, after my last and final result ended in no response )-:

  • hmm...would have been better to stop before being rejected again. I guess we learn from our mistakes...don't worry someone way better will come along soon enough, but make sure you don't repeat what happens, don't ever do that chase, its a guys job, and if you take that away from him then he will feel less of a man:) be flirty when he's around or calls and texts but don't call nor text yourself...be proud!