Has anyone on here been an older brother or sister and had your younger sibling get engaged before you when you have no options?

It sucks and this is the 8th holiday time I've been alone. Im now 32 and have never had a girlfriend and have determined that im not capable of dating women correctly. I dont know how to approach, what to talk about, and every girl I've asked out on the past has had a boyfriend or husband. So i gave up.


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  • I'm the younger sibling but everyone always assumed I'd get married before my older brother. I've always been pretty social and had several boyfriends, while my brother has always been more solitary and never really dated before. Then he met a girl online, from another country, and they got married a few years later. It was a plot twist lol, caught everyone by surprise. At first I'll admit I was jealous, but my sister-in-law is wonderful and I'm really happy for them.

    • In my post, i said i mever had a girlfriend and have no options. I tried online dating and will never do it again cause girls on there are too picky. I do cry myself to sleep a lot and im the only one in my family whose single due to communication skill issues and inability to date women. I want to be someone else, i hate dating and the holidays.

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