Girls, would it be a turn off? (ready the description)?

Soooo... I've been "out of the market" since my last break up (about 2 and a half years ago)... And completely focus on my carrier and studies... But I'm getting kinda lonely now... I miss having someone to chat about our days... To sleep together... And obviously I miss sex...

So... Would it be a turn off for a woman to find that I'm almost 2 and a half years alone? (without even kissing anyone).

Bonus question: I'm shy... Don't like to go out... Don't drink... How hard you think it will be for me to find someone? I'm kinda of a 6/10 probably, 28y. o., 183cm (about 6'1) and 88kg (about 194lbs)Girls, would it be a turn off? (ready the description)?
  • Yes, it would be a turn off for me.
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  • Maybe, it's kinda strange.
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  • No, it would not be a turn off for me.
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  • What? 2 freaking years?
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  • Sure your not the only person to be in that situation male or female a lot of people will like that u don't drink not going out could be tricky meeting new people though


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  • Not a turn off, you're cute, I wouldn't care if a guy was single for his whole life up to now or if he had 100 past partners. Past is past.

  • Not at all. It happens

  • No it is not.


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