Why do you think white guys generally prefer dating white girls while white girls generally prefer dating other races (USA)?

it's one of those things that happen but are rather hard to explain in us white (caucasian) guys mainly go for white girls but white girls on the other hand tend to go for other races and less often for white guys
why? why is this preference thing one sided sorta? why white guys prefer white girls in general but white girls prefer other races in general? n like i said i talk generally here not for every single one i know we are different from one another but generally this is what it is
also i only talk about usa never been to other countries so I don't know how things go there


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  • I think women are more curious and open-minded. American men are generally racist. I'm not talking about everyone, but you know, it changes the statistics.

    • Its actually worse in UK... at least here white men date outside their race even tho they do it rarely but in UK they dont at all

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    • Well what do you think makes white women so attracted to other races while white men are pretty much only attracted to white women? NuitCherry

    • @NuitCherry Oh, noice! Do you want a Nobel Prize for you "open mindedness"? A so noble and so much superior person than white men, I guess you deserve that!

      It's pretty sad when the only thing people have to brag about is their dating preferences...

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  • Do you have a study in mind that you're drawing from?
    I can honestly say my experience is very different from yours. I, for one, tend to be more attracted to women with darker skin, darker hair and dark eyes. Also, my years on the internet dating scene burned into my brain phrases like, "I only date white guys. It's not a racist thing, it's just my preference." I saw that on a lot of white girls' profiles, and some girls of other ethnicities. Enough such that I'd argue that in my dating pool, in a university town with a formerly strong manufacturing base, and centered between two major metropolitan areas, each less than 3 hours away, white guys have an advantage here. Since you didn't ask why that is the case, I won't go into my thoughts on the matter. But you may have missed the mark some with your generalization. You're still pretty young. Maybe age will bring you more diverse experiences.

    • He doesn't, he's making this shit up. I've seen this same question asked many times. The research suggests the majority of races choose to date within their own race and out of whites who are in interracial relationships, it's pretty even between white men and white women, with slightly more white men dating outside of their race.

    • @Kkaos The asker have psychological issues. Probably fear of rejection and obsessive thoughts. People like him will ever feel rejected when they see the 5% of white girls, who normally nobody want their presence, whi talk shit about white men and believe in racial stereotypes. It's the confirmation bias.

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  • White women even love to sleep with black guys during slavery.


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  • The media are promoting racial stereotypes ad nauseam and putting us white men in bad lights. Media are constantly saying that white men are nerdy, boring, have no "swag", racists, selfish and privileged while black men are a "god's gift" to women. Some dumb women buy this kind of bullshit and are sugarcoating that trend as "being open minded".

    That's you have the perception of white women generally downplaying white men.

  • ... What are you talking about? Are you just salty that someone left you for someone of a different ethnicity?

  • imma need the source on this cause I'm skeptical.


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