Has he lost interest?

I met a guy online a few weeks ago and he asked me out quickly. We had an incredible first date, followed by an even better second date. We exchanged really great texts and went on a third date. Again, the date was brilliant. We talked deeply and he made hints at things going further. We have slept together on both the first and third date, but I know he is not the kind of boy that would judge. After the third date, we exchanged a number of texts, but then (on the morning of Christmas Eve) he went silent. He just stopped texting! The day after Boxing Day, he text again, and now he texts once every 24 hours. My question is this- why do boys suddenly cut down on the texting? Has he lost interest or is there still hope?


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  • Has he mentioned going out again?

    • No, but he is away for the Christmas period.

  • It’s not that boys do it, just some people do. Maybe he has lost interest, or maybe he can’t text you that often. Just text him as much as he texts you. And maybe ask him if he’s alright.


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