Am I wrong or right on this? Help?

Okay so me and my man have been together for 2 years now. I see myself marrying him. However here’s the issue... I am on a year off from school and I am working full time. He is in his 13th year and work part time so I make more money than him. We recently went on a trip to his home country, but since he was in school he wasn’t as able to bring as much pocket money as me, I had about $800CDN and he had around $350. I ended up paying for majority of things- hotel room, all of our meals and snacks and also entry fees into local sites I probably spent between $200-300 on him. I didn’t mind because I knew I had more money. However a couple of months before he asked me to borrow $60 and he hasn’t paid me back and now he is asking to borrow $200🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ because his account is in the negatives. He has shown me his bank account and I know it’s in the negatives. And I make more money than him and am able to give him the money but he’s NEVER paid me back since we’ve been together. Yes he’s taken me out, bought me gifts when he was working full time in the summer but I’m still annoyed by him constantly asking for money. but what do you think?
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Am I wrong or right on this? Help?
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