What are signs (not flirting) a guy is really into you?

And how do you know a guy is looking forward to your date?


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  • If he is looking forward to your date, he would typically plan the date for the two of you. He might buy you some flowers or something that you like too.


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  • Depends on what kind of guy he is... Some guys will mention your upcoming date a lot (directly / indirectly).

    When a guy likes you he will listen to your and remember the little details. He will keep the conversation going and ask (a lot of) questions. He will not only compliment your looks, but also some specific personality traits.

    He will be more open: talking about his day/work, feelings, plans, future, ... He won't hesitate to offer his help whenever you need him. He will ask about how your day/exams/.. went. He will make you a priority (that doesn't mean you'll have to talk 24/7) and support you.

    Go with your feeling. If you think he likes you, he probably does :)


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  • Introvert - Shy, nervous, seems to do the wrong thing in everything.
    Extrovert - can't stop talking to his mates about you, call you constantly, confident, makes first moves etc.. You get the idea

  • Staring. When he says how much he likes you. When he laughs with you etc.


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