I need help with my ex?

Guys I need your help!!!
My ex and me had a strong connection
Due to him moving away we had to break up
I broke up with him and then two days later we got back together and then he broke up with me
Two weeks later after we broke up he calls me drunk telling me that he misses me and then the next day he disappeared
Leaving me heartbroken and confused I tried to get a hold of him he told me that there was a possible chance that he could be moving back and that we get back together once he came back
A week a later I confront him about A mutual friend telling me that he was seeing a girl he told me yes and that he must block me and discontinue our contact because she’ll think something is still there

Recently this November he contacted me and me being stupid obviously answered
We got into this huge fight because he constantly brings up the past of how our relationship ended and it feels like he blames me
He hurt me really bad that night I ended up crying and then I ended up calling him back cussing him out

Recently this month we’ve been in contact he’s been telling me that he’s coming down this summer and that he will only get together with me this summer
Excuse my language but what the fuck I’m not going to get back together with him for two months just for him to leave me heartbroken again
He’s been recently talking to my friend about me and telling her that I broke his heart and that he would possibly think about us getting back together and every time she mentions why doesn’t he talk to me.. he constantly makes up excuses
Is he afraid of me?
I just want to know should I be holding on to something or should I just completely get rid of this situation altogether

I just want to know should I be holding onto something or should I just completely get rid of this situation altogether
I really care about him but I just don’t know how much more I can take


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  • This is kind of clear girl, he does not know what he wants or what to do. He is taking advantage of you for liking him so much. If you feel so bad and cry about it and he does not come with an honest excuse and shows (not only says but also shows) that he indeed misses you and that he will go 100% in to make it work.. why would you give him more time? To get hurt again? Does not really sound like this will work in the near future tbh


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  • You need to cut him out of your life completely, he's dragging you down playing his mind games. He's an ex for a reason, move on.


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  • You gotta get rid of him. He'll keep you running in cycles for him and not in a good way. You have to clean your heart out before you hurt yourself, him, or someone else. Your not worth the trouble.

  • If the two of you could relax and not react. You are driving each other crazy. Your question reads like a soap opera of you hurt me, I hurt you. Both of you need to calm down. Figure out what you want and if either of you get too emotional doing that, slow down until you are able to talk.


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