This girl from work?

So there is this amazing girl from my work, we talk and I make her smile and yes it’s an honest smile not one of those awkward smiles to get out of the conversation/situation. I’ve already taken her on a date, tried for a second one but she keeps denying me and it’s really f*cking confusing because it’s not a straight denial and she does it almost with a happy glare like she’s toying with me yet maybe she honestly doesn’t want anything. I believe that I actually do amuse her and make her smile, all of that, I don’t wanna give up and lose this chance I could have but I don’t wanna be pushy and seem like an asshole. A friend has told me to give it some time and wait on it but I need more ideas, opinions, what it could mean. What should I do?


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  • She is either playing hard to get or hoping to get social benefits from catering to your interest in her. If I were you I would give up. Not because she's not attractive but because she doesn't seem to be equally interested in you.

  • If I had been on a date with a guy and liked him I wouldn't find excuses not to go on a second date. Personally it sounds like she is messing with you.


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