Curious about my relationship tbh?

So my guy says to me ( What's the point of being together if we're gonna fight even when there ain't nothing wrong) 1. There was something wrong and I was addressing it simply. I just wanted him to understand I didn't even want there to be an argument but then he says this which pissed me off but I told him to stop playing with me cause he's not going nowhere and nethier was I.

So today I decided to address it I said (were you just trying to make me mad or did you mean it) he said he meant it but yet he's still around. I'm just confused asf


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  • First off learn to let go, second don't argue about dumb shit. Finally if your always arguing walk away.


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  • I think females take things a little more personally than guy's.
    Females are more sensitive then giys.

    • Yeah kinda wish it wasn't that way

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