Can I report my coworker for sexual harassment for playing me?

my coworker played me he invited me to the movies twice. He would flirt so much at work with me that even all my coworkers started rumors about us dating. Even the principals because I work in a school. One teacher told me he asked him for advice to ask me on a date. I've been hurt before so I still had my guard up. Some days he would ignore me and other days he would make me feel like I was important to him. He asked me on a third date and never said anything. When I returned to work he literally flipped me off at work for no reason. I never had sex with him or kissed him. A few days after he invited me out the third time I found out he has a girlfriend now. So o totally ignored him now at work. and he came to me and asked why I was trying to avoid him. Like really dude!!' He still flirts at work with me but I just ignore him. He's in his 30s and acts this way. I feel like I can't talk to m boss about it because he's literally on his side. They made fun of me through a radio call where everyone could hear cuz I lost my jacket. Which pissed me off! The guy did tell me a few times to walk in front of him cuz he likes checking me out. He tried to trip me while I was walking a few times at work. I don't know what his problem is, he still has me on fb and doesn't delete me. I would do it but I don't want more issues than I already have at work. It sucks because I can't cut him out completely because I see him every single day at work. He also told everyone at work that I'm obsessed with him when I'm not. I did find him following me when I went out to lunch. We usually go through the same road. So this time I went the opposite and parked a few blocks away until he left. And guess who comes next to me? Him he passed by me in his car and parked a little bit far behind me so I literally turned on the car and left. This Is creepy. What can I do
Can I report my coworker for sexual harassment for playing me?
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