Girls, what do you think about short skinny small framed guys?

Like me I'm 5'5" 120 pounds 29" waste and pretty skinny.


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  • Many believe short, skinny small framed guys also have the “Napoleon complex” or have a “chip on their shoulder”. I have met a lot of men like that but their attitude was the only major deal breaker. I believe that if you have confidence and are easy going it’ll work in your favor. Also, 5’5 is not that short! there are a lot of short girls. many rockstars are skinny and short and girls love em ;)

    • I am laid back, but you would be surprised how many girls write me off at the drop at a hat without even giving me a chance.

  • I'm 5'7" 165 lbs. I would be afraid I would break you in two.

    • Naw. Us skinny guys are pretty resilient.

    • You're probably very similar to my body type. Girls have wider hips and boobs so that adds a bit of weight. Lol

  • I like them like that honestly!
    I really can't put my finger on it but something about me being a little taller, wider and bigger makes me just all gooey inside.
    So don't give up!
    Just like some prefer chubby women and some prefer skinny ones, there are lots of women who do like your body type ;)


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