Would you eventually text a girl if she has your favorite book once you lent?

He lent me his favorite book that he was talking about and I asked if he could give me the first book of series so I can read. So he lent me the book. We've been dating since 9 days, and saw each other 4 times so far, and once I stayed over at his place, once he stayed at my place, but we didn't have sex because i think it's too early. I feel like he is losing interest and i wanna give him space and so i won't be texting him for couple days. Would he call me for the book? Should I wait for his text or call whether he wants to take me out to another date? He multiple times indicated that we are dating but i am not really sure if he is into me, because i didn't have sex.


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  • Dating ain't about sex at all
    If he really likes you he'll contact you sooner than you think
    And if he thinks it's just about sex
    Leave him, not worth it

    • We had activities like we went bowling, and played pool, and we had a brewery/bar hopping then watched anime series we both like a lot. But the first date he kissed me, I never kissed anyone, second date nothing, third date he kissed me again, fourth date I kissed him. but he didn't look like he was into it.

    • Hmmm
      Okay give it some time
      It's been 9 days
      Probably too early to tell
      Do y'all text regularly?

  • So are you asking about the book or something else?


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