Am I losing my friend to her boyfriend?

So I have a really young friend that is 16, who is dating a 23-24-year-old guy ( they are both Chinese). We had deemed the guy to be a very bad influence on her and is bad in general ways. They met on Tinder and on the first week of dating he pressured her to have sex. We, of course, told her "no". But she still went on to do it, and it seems that every week they would "do" it. As normal as having sex is, why we think the guy is an asshole (sorry for swearing), the 16-year-old told me that she tried to refuse him the first time and many times after but he would get upset and ignore her. She is 16 and has low self-esteem and generally sad (?). But most of their arguments were about having sex or not. The other reason why the guy is bad is that though he said he was serious and committed to their relationship, I found him on Tinder and showed my friend with proof. He gave her the excuse that he was drunk and accidentally went on. But that wasn't the first time, our other mutual friends found him on other Asian dating apps as well. For someone, this young who doesn't have her future planned out or even graduated school is dating a guy that raises so many red flags. Although I feel bad having to remind her every time that she should either communicate better with him or focus on school to the point she stopped talking to me, I can't support their relationship but also don't want to lose her as a friend. He did introduce her to his parents but they lied about her age (understandable I guess but not necessary if they were so serious).

They did break up once though because the girl was still dating someone ( they broke up) when she first met this current one, but she lied saying he was her first boyfriend. He found out and broke up with her with the guts of victimizing himself. She won't seem to let go of this one but easily let her friend's go when we try to help her. Should I just see how long they would last and let her go on this path or try talking to her again?


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  • You’re going to have let her go; otherwise you will lose her


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  • Let her go, my friend also did the same when she got into a relationship. Eventually over time they will become sick of each other and she will come around you. Just wait it out, be happy for them (if your friend is happy of course) I know it is hard. You're both young, experience life SAFELY.


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