Guys, Should I say sth to him or leave it for now?

So I'm interested in this guy.
He has also been interested in me for quite a while now.
Last night I bumped into him at a party.
He got very drunk
And he looked at me with serious eyes and told me he loved him.
I froze... Then for some reason I replied "Sorry I don't"
He got embarrassed and walked away.
I'm not sure whether to just forget about i or go have a talk with him in a few days.
Guys what would you suggest I do?


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  • Fist off, he was drunk. He won't remember most off the night. Secondly alcohol does tent to lure the truth up out of someone. So if he says something like i love you, it at the least means he cares for your well being. So i would say go for it, say that you love him or really really like to be in his company. He will get the obvious hint and do as he seems fitting. If he ignores you he's eather really shy or not interested. Then you at least know where you are standing in his life.

    • Sorry read the most important sentince wrong, but even if he said hw loved himself, he is at least showing you that he can be affectionate.

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    • good idea

    • Your welcome

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