Why is he acting shady!? is it him or me?

I've been dating my boyfriend on and off for almost 5 years... he has cheated on me in the past but we have recently got back together. Lately he's been acting kind of shady... not answering his phone or my texts usually at night time... making excuses when we hang out saying that he has to go home because he's tired... but every time I ask him about it and get upset he turns it around on me and tells me I'm being dramatic. I have recently went off of anti depressants so I've been kind of emotional lately... is it just me driving myself crazy or does it seem like he's seeing someone else behind my back !?


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  • once a cheater, more likely a cheater...

    you are both being hot/cold to each other so try to get back in synch so you are both approaching each other from the same wavelength...

    his shadiness and distancing is feeding off of your depression or craziness, whatever he calls it


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