Would you do it , or not?

You are married. Husband has a successful company that is making him rich. He asks what you would want to do?
He said he would like a housewife. He doesn’t want a maid because thy can be fraudulent.
The choice is yours.
  • Become a housewife
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  • Help manage his company
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  • Carry on with career (same as before)
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  • Work part time
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  • Other
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What Girls Said 2

  • You do what you want to do, don't become a housewife because he wants you to. You'll become financially dependent on him and it will be very difficult to get out of this relationship if it goes wrong!

    • It’s okay to be financially independent on a man you trust. Why are you against it? It actually puts you in a stronger position.

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    • This is a misconception. The woman has all the power because she owns half of him. The guy will never let go of the girl. Or his hard work and assets would fuck up.
      Also, I see it is an honour if a girl is willing to trust me to take good care of her.

    • Well if both of you are finanically independent i don't see the problem! :)

  • Become a housewife


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