#MeToo & age difference?

What age difference would you consider inappropriate behaviour?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Under 14 only the same age or 1 year different
    14 with 18 and older
    15 with 21 and older
    16 with 25 and older
    17 with 30 and older
    18 It's alright It's okay (you are a Adult now so no Limit)

    • I'm 16 I don't think I would like to see people from my age with 24 year olds

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    • @LuWe22:
      Your age spans are for both sexes?

    • Yes they are.

What Guys Said 2

  • As long as they're over 18, they should date whoever they want

  • I'm actually fine with anyone being flirtatious with me as long as they're above the age of consent. If there was some woman in her late fifties or a Hillary Clinton type trying to get at me i'd just be like, well i'm flattered but, no. I'm actually very comfortable with older women most of the time, like I was intinate with someone a little more than double my age at one point.

    • Restating the question:
      If you were dating someone, what age difference in previous dating would make you stop dating the person?

    • What? Do you mean like what if the person I'm with was dating someone who was like 15? I definitely would be concerned & consider that a red flag. She'd probably just be some kind of sex freak for the young dick & move on from me as I age to her dissatisfaction.

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