Ex wants to get back together, I want him to wait and see, would you wait?

My ex came back after the 5th time of breaking up, we’ve had issues, which were red flags and he wants to make things right and solve it. It’s been so up and down that I’m just exhausted. He thinks because it’s a new year, we should forget about the past and just focus on the future. He thinks we shouldn’t throw away what we had and thinks we can solve it together. Last time we broke up, we made it clear that it wasn’t working as there’s no solution to our problem and now he’s back again.

I’m very tired of restarting relationships and I personally don’t want to jump into one right now, I need to get my life back on track and the breakups have been very disruptive that I can’t do anything else. I want to just tell him that. Would you wait for someone if they aren’t ready to jump back into a relationship with you?


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  • You need to stop repeating the same mistakes. The New Year is a good excuse to leave that ex behind, not invite him back into your life to repeat the same behaviour.

    Women never seem to be able to let their ex bfs go, they are always jumping back into their bed, arms, or messages. Let it go!


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