He said he wasn't attracted to me, now we are dating, did he mean it?

Ok. So at the time I met him. We will call him L, I was currently going through a divorce. I really liked him, but he told me he wasn't interested in me because he didn't find me attractive. Now im divorced and he says he does find me attractive, we have been dating for a few months since the divorce and he said he finds me irresistible and can't keep his hands off me. I asked him why he told me I wasn't attractive to him before and he said he didn't mean it, that he just thought I would go away because he didn't want to be involved with someone married. Guys is this a load of bull or could he be telling the truth? He wants to spend his life with me, but I'm afraid he will wake up one day and decide he never really had the hots for me.


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  • Beware. Could be other things he thinks negatively about you that he is keeping secret now. IF you want more than sex: Don’t be so quick to give him everything he wants till you really understand the up & downside for yourself.

  • I would say all statements have motivation and I was sad because I have some meaning

  • He was trying to be honorable

    • In a douchebag way by attacking her looks (my take).

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    • It’s not 100% clear in what she wrote. Guess she could clarify

    • @hahahmm he didn't say I was ugly, just that he was not attracted to me.

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