Does he like me?

This guy who I will call John has been in all my classes since college started. I found him really shy and weird. We never really talked even though we had friends in common. He had a crush with my closest friend (Alisson) and they tried to start a relationship but my friend couldn’t do it because he hooked up with another friend (Karla), and she was madly in love with John. Alisson feel bad about being in a relationship with John while Karla still cried for him. Shortly after, they agreed to stay as friends. Some weeks later, John's friend started joking that John and me liked each other and in that moment I didn't really like him or knew him. We became closer and John started flirting with me. It has been like three months since it started and sometimes I feel things that I don’t want to feel because I don’t know if he’s doing it for real or just as a game. Now, we spend a lot of time together and I like it. I don’t know if I like spending time as a friend or something else because I have never had a male friend. If he had never tried something with Alisson I may have tried to be with him. I think he doesn’t try anything with me because he thinks I will reject him but deep inside me I know I won’t. He’s unpredictable and somethings I can’t understand. I want to know your opinion. Does he like me? or it's a game for him? Should I get closer to him or distant myself? Do you think it's wrong if something happened between us because Alisson and him liked each other for a while?
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I forget to mention that he really really liked Alisson and he says that he doesn’t like Karla and he hooked up with her because he was drunk. The reason he might like me is because If some girl he’s going after doesn’t like me back, he just moves on. But it’s been a while since he started flirting with me and I haven’t tried anything with him and he’s “still trying”
Does he like me?
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