How to get my life back on track?

At this point i lost everyone around me... im not a bad person.. it was mostly cause i didn't protect my boundaries... and i ve also noticed that a lot of women friends and family members are jealous of me and aren't by my side in this life... i ve respected myself enough to move away from those people... but im 25 now... and i just have one friend i reguraly hang out with... i want more friends but making friends at this age is hard... its just so hard to live without family... friends aren't a stable basis since they come and go... so what can i do? is it too late for me?


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  • It's never to late, if you work try and make work friends, if you're in school try and be social, if neither and you have free time you can go to public things in your town and try to find people, all people everywhere need other people

  • Pm me i am in the same situation.


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