What's going on? There's many hints and things. Its killing me?

Okay, so, in August this guy (lets call him Kk) asked me out (I was new and I didn't know him very well and I neevverr dated before. I "talked" to guys before, but never dated them) I told him I'm not ready to have a boyfriend and that I was new and trying to get to know people. I don't think he knew I never had a boyfriend. After I told him that, he said when I'm ready he'll be "my man" and we talked everyday all day on the phone and texting, he was my "best friend". The phone calls and texts got slower and slower (he stopped talking to me like he used to. Like we'll talk, but not talk a lot). Then i became his sister. But, at school he would mess with me and poke me (playful stuff). I dated a guy in November on the 18th (lets call him Jj) Jj and i broke up on the 24th (I never should've dated him. People said he cheated) he wanted his ex because she texted him and told him she missed him... But that's another story for another time.. Maybe on the 15th of December Kk and I were texting. We were talking about my ex (JJ). I told him they're all the same and he said "you think I'm the same?" Later he told me to call him and I did. (It started back up again. The texting and phone calls) When I tell him I'll call him back later he'll say, "no" and stuff. And when I don't call him back at the time I said I would he will ask why. He called my sweetheart and baby girl and I don't know why and he got me something for Christmas. He confused me. A day before Christmas eve he stopped calling. I didn't think nothing of it. Then he started talking to my friend (his friend too) now I'm just looking stupid. I was otp with his cousin and his cousin was about to prank call someone so he told me to call Kk's phone, so kk sent me a message saying "no don't talk to me" (i think he was playing because we was otp until 3 am) Friday of this week, he gave me a "between us two tbh" and he said I'm smart, funny fun to mess with and I'm cute. Sooo sorry for these long long paragraphs 😂😂


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  • Sounds like he has a thing for you but might be waiting for you to let him know it's ok to ask you out again (if that's what you want) since you turned him down the first time.

    Consider asking him directly.

    • I thought the same thing, but he acts like he don't want to text me. Like I'll text him on snap and an hour later still no reply or anything. I'll go on messenger and he's active. This is why I'm so confused

    • When I was 16 there as a girl I really really liked. We were friends, but I was also really into her for more than that. One night at a party I slipped a note into her handbag confessing my feelings. The next day she found the note about asked if maybe I was just a little drunk when I wrote it. I was so ackward that I said yes, it was just a drunken note, when all I really wanted to do was to say yes, I meant every word and want nothing more right this second than your lips on mine.

      But I chickened out because I was shy.

    • I wish I had an opportunity to do that and see what's going on

  • He sounds like he enjoys talking to you but I think he is trying to be your boyfriend so don't be surprised if he asks you on a date

    • Me too but, it seems like he is and sometimes it seems like he's not

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