There's a girl whom I like and she knows that. She avoids talking to me every time but keep staring at me in class and everywhere. why?

Hello guys,
My name is ROHIT and I'm 16. There's a girl whom I like and she knows that. She keep staring me but avoids and ignore me when I go to talk with her. She talks to everyone and not too shy as far as I know her. I cannot understand her and usually go to depression. Why does she treat me this way?


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  • She may just be shy when it comes to someone she likes. Do you have mutual friends that you could ask what's going on? When you approach her does she literally ignore you, or just seems that way? Does she walk away? She keeps looking at you for a reason, and it's most likely because there is some interest.

    • Thanks for your reply sir. She also give me some signs like when I go talk to other girls she gets upset and puts her head down.

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    • I've tried it sir but she doesn't reply me back. I remember once I said her 'Hi' thrice but she won't reply me back. Sometimes she just walk away. She is very complicated sir.

    • Yes, she is complicated. Then the best tack may be to talk to one or two of her friends, and see what they think her thoughts are toward you.

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