So I met this girl back in the month of June when we were all on summer vacation?

We only talked for 10 mins and only exchanged small details. Basically small talk. After she left, the small crush that I felt at the beginning began to grow. That day I really regretted not asking for her contact information. I personally am not really the type to ask things like that because I’ve always felt really awkward about it. However, I promised myself that I would do it the next time. A few weeks passed and she came back. We talked for a little again this time. But once again, I chickened out and didn’t gather up the courage to ask. She came back a couple times after that but it was kind of busy so we didn’t talk at all. I just took her drink, made them and she left. As the summer drew to an end, so did my hope. My feelings began to waver and fade. In my head I just told myself, “this is probably for the best” and “I probably would never ask anyways”. So when school started, she obviously did not return because of her going to an out of state school. A few months passed and I did pretty much forget about her. I even thought that I would never see her again so I basically completely just gave up. However, just the other day, she showed up again and I was really surprised. At first, I just told myself that I can’t catch feelings again and that I have to keep it professional. So I just took her order how I normally would with any other customers. As I was making her drink, I was surprised to hear to hear her start a conversation. We began talking for about 15 minutes. Ever since that day, I’ve kept been thinking about her. Apparently, that day that she came back to visit was her first day back from traveling and she really missed our drinks so she came back to get one. She also told me that she will be returning to school in the middle of January. This time I know that no matter what I will ask her for her contact information but I just hope she comes back before she leaves. What are your thoughts? What should I do? Thank you!


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  • You should have fucked


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